ADTRAN IP Communications System

Introducing the Netvanta 7100 for Small- to Medium-sized Businesses

The NetVanta 7100 represents a breakthrough in next-generation IP communication systems. This unique Office in a Box contains everything businesses need to deploy a converged IP voice and data network for small- to medium-sized offices with up to 50 stations, including a full-function IP PBX for voice. It includes an integrated 24-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch-router for data, a stateful inspection firewall for security, Virtual Private Network (VPN) for secure Internet tunneling, and a DSU/CSU for network termination. The only other requirements for deploying your VoIP network are connections from the service provider and cables to the desktop.

PBX and Key System

The NetVanta 7100 IP PBX functionality includes SIP-based telephony features, voice mail, multilevel auto attendant, caller ID name/number, classes of service, trunk groups, music-on-hold and overhead paging. Additional call options include call coverage list and forwarding of calls to an outside cell phone. The NetVanta 7100 also provides email/voice mail integration and enhanced communications productivity by enabling voice mail messages to be sent az.WAV files to email. Shared Line Appearance (SLA), Shared Call Appearance (SCA) and Busy Lamp Field/Direct Station Select are popular key system functions and are also supported in the NetVanta 7100. SLA enables one or more lines to appear on multiple phones within the system. For example, trunk lines such as Line 1, Line 2 and Line 3 could appear on each phone so users can "pick up Line 1," or an incoming 1-800 line could appear on all phones as the sales line. BLF/DSS provides a visual indication of the status of phones configured in the system with a specific button to directly connect to stations.

SIP Trunking and Networking

The NetVanta 7100 supports SIP trunking to dynamically combine voice and data across a single SIP link to the service provider. The NetVanta 7100 also supports multisite SIP networking for linking sites together to provide direct dial between sites and reduce inter-office communications costs.

Hardware and Software Platform

The NetVanta 7100 is powered by the ADTRAN Operating System (AOS), and integrates the functionality of ADTRAN's highly successful NetVanta 7100 IP Communications Platform NetVanta switches and routers. Data networking features include a stateful inspection and SIP aware firewall, IP router including DHCP client/server, multiple routing protocols and Layer 3 QoS. The integral switch provides 24 powered (802.3af) 10/100 Ethernet ports, with 802.1Q VLANs, 802.1p Class of Service, and VQM making the system fully ready and ideal for VoIP applications. Additional PoE switches can be uplinked to the NetVanta 7100 to increase the physical Ethernet port count and capacity to 100.

The NetVanta 7100 chassis includes two analog trunk and station interfaces and two expansion slots. For additional trunk and station connectivity, the NetVanta 7100 offers several Voice Interface Modules (VIMs). These include a four-port analog (FXO) trunk module, TI/PRI trunk module which supports voice or integrated voice and data, and a four-port analog (FXS) station module. A combination module which provides two analog stations and two analog trunks is also available.

Integrated Functionality

The NetVanta 7100 adds the flexibility and functionality SME's gain value from. Call Queuing allows for a call center-like experience without the high cost. The find-me/follow-me function enables a mobile workforce with no drop-off in customer service and interaction. 911 support, for email notification to administrator of 911 being dialed, is available for no additional charge and builds peace of mind.

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