ADTRAN's Netvanta Security; Network Security and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The most common security vulnerabilities on IP-based networks are found in mis-configured remote systems. Remote users might fail to keep their systems and passwords updated, or could disable the local firewall for better computer performance. They might leave unprotected systems connected to the network around the clock.

The NetVanta Series provides wireless network security to protect you vulnerabilities. The ADTRAN NetVanta series of routers, switches, and Wi-Fi solutions for Internet access and multisite business connectivity offer robust VPN and firewall integration along with a suite of password and identity protection features.

These wireless network security solutions are ideal for high-speed, cost-effective connectivity of remote offices, telecommuters, and mobile users over the Internet or other IP-based networks, without the security concerns normally associated with shared networks. These devices establish the private communication channels necessary to transmit data across the Internet, and secure these channels using a variety of firewall, authentication, and encryption technologies.

Wireless network security products in the NetVanta series include IPSec VPN tunneling, access policies, stateful inspection firewall, cyber assault protection, Network Address Translation (NAT), IP routing, and authenticated remote user access.