Allworx 24X Phone System

State-of-the-Art Phone System Designed Exclusively For Small Businesses

Now, small businesses no longer need to limit their voice and data access options because of the increased cost and complexity of the system. The Allworx 24x Phone System has been engineered for direct connection with the most common and powerful communication delivery methods.

Designed for companies with up to 100 users, the Allworx 24x system is a state-of-the-art communication system. The system integrates a feature-rich phone system and a robust data network system with advanced features that substantially improve your company's productivity while saving you on-going monthly costs. The integrated T1/PRI capability provides even more cost savings and reliability than any other offer in the industry.

Introducing the Allworx 24X Phone System

You get the best of all worlds with the Allworx 24x phone system — full PBX and Key system features, support for digital T1/PRI, analog and VoIP phones at the same time, even multisite calling and access for remote users. Allworx gives your company a polished, professional identity and improves your communications with customers.

  • Full PBX & Key System
  • Remote User
  • Site-to-Site Access
  • Unified Messaging
  • Voice-Over-Internet

Robust Network Server

The Allworx 24X Phone System combines all of your data needs into one comprehensive package that supports up to 1000 phone users and networks your PC's, printers, servers and other peripherals.

  • Automated Back-up
  • Email /Web Server
  • Internet Security
  • LAN Management
  • WAN Access

Advanced Features

The Allworx 24X Phone System provides Advanced Feature options to help your business increase its productivity, efficiency and customer response. We've streamlined tasks like information sharing, group planning and customer call management, essentially adding hours to your workweek and increasing your customers' satisfaction.

  • Call Assistantâ„¢
  • Call Queuingâ„¢
  • Group Calendaring
  • Internet Call Accessâ„¢
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Key Advantages of Allworx 24X System

The Allworx 24X System delivers several key advantages:

  • Considerable Savings. Allworx is arguably the lowest installed cost of any fully-featured VoIP and PC network system! You'll experience the savings in many ways:
    • Initial Purchase Price
    • No Hidden Charges
    • Free Multisite and Internet Calling
    • Instant Remote Access
  • Flexibility. Now you can simultaneously use both analog and VoIP phone connections as you control the pace of your transition to new technology. You can flexibly migrate to VoIP from analog without disrupting your business operations. All features are activated via software keys so you can take advantage of them as your business needs them – such as VPN, multisite calling, live answer position, and call queuing.
  • Simplicity. Whether you are installing a single site or linking together multiple offices and remote users, the Allworx 24X System is easy to use and administrate.