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ShoreTel Inc. was founded in 1996 with the idea of developing a voice communications platform that was easy to deploy, easy to manage and easy to use. It is ShoreTel's mission to position global enterprises to leverage voice as a strategic asset, achieving new levels of internal efficiencies which translate to a competitive market advantage.

The three areas of focus for ShoreTel: Reliability, Flexibility and Ease of Use.

ShoreTel delivers IP-based telephony solutions for the enterprise. The Company was in development stage for about 1 1/2 years building the architecture that is widely accepted as the most reliable and elegant Voice over IP (VoIP) solution on the market. ShoreTel has been making enterprise-class IP voice communications a reality since 1998. The company has shipped the award-winning ShoreTel IP Voice Communications System to 13,000+ customers.

ShoreTel is a leading vendor known for delivering voice communications as a business critical, enterprise-class application, unifying all users, across all sites, collaborating with all enterprise applications.

Major advantages of the ShoreTel system include:

  • IP-based Voice capabilities and Intelligent Network Infrastructure
    ShoreTel technology provides for integration of voice applications utilizing a converged Internet Protocol (IP) solution. The solution provides: a highly reliable and available switching system; a wide variety of interfaces to the PSTN and legacy TDM equipment; and a choice of analog or IP phones for endpoints including users, modems, fax machines, conference rooms, etc.
  • Reliability
    ShoreTel's unique distributed architecture has no single point of failure and allows for outbound and inbound calls in the event the data network is down; and provides 99.999% uptime. By adding N+1 redundancy, ShoreTel's reliability increases to 99.99999% uptime.
  • Support for Open System Standards
    ShoreTel is committed to supporting open system industry standards, such as G.729, 802.1p and 802.1q, MGCP, SIP, RTP, TAPI, JTAPI, MAPI, QSIG, etc. All ShoreTel IP handsets use the MGCP standard signaling protocol. Most of the system features are available on analog sets. ShoreTel supports and is certified to work with any Ethernet switch or router from any vendor.
  • Voice Messaging
    ShoreTel incorporates a scalable, cost-effective voice messaging solution that supports industry standards for both telephone and desktop access, and supports Unified Messaging with standard desktop email solutions such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • System Administration
    ShoreWare Director provides a single point of management from any point on the network for all components including the PBX, voicemail, auto attendant, ACD and unified messaging. The proposed solution provides for maximum flexibility for rapid, efficient, and cost-effective configuration changes to user profiles and IP telephone equipment through a standard browser-based interface.
  • Scalability
    ShoreTel provides modular, cost-effective growth in both phones and applications. Expensive forklift upgrades will never be necessary.
  • Simplicity of Installation
    GUI-based administrative tools allow for easy installation and configuration. In addition, any future Moves, Adds, and Changes can be performed using the GUI interface.
  • Training and Usage
    ShoreTel's ease of use and intuitive user help features make the system easy to learn and to administer. Training classes are provided to provide orientation, but users have the ability to "grow into" the system over time and take greater advantage of the system functionality A ShoreTel IP System serviced by Barry Communications assures you that your system will be cost effective, reliable and capable of growing with your business for today and tomorrow.

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