Unified Communications

Transforming the Way People Work with Brilliantly Simple Communications

With increasingly busy schedules and workers located around the world, organizations need to simplify operations with communication solutions that connect people and information quickly and efficiently. ShoreTel Communicator is a powerful unified communications (UC) application for users across an organization, whether an operator, a contact center agent, a knowledge worker or a road warrior. Available on multiple operating systems, ShoreTel Communicator makes it easy for people to communicate however they choose: by video, voice (wired or wireless), instant messaging (IM), and more.

Boost Productivity with Quick Access

ShoreTel Communicator gives users immediate access to online directories or their personal Microsoft Outlook contacts to quickly connect to the right person. It also offers an easy way to contact co-workers using IM or email. With easy, access to the most appropriate mode of communication for the task at hand, productivity can be improved.

Save Time with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook integration lets users manage voicemail and contacts with a full set of flexible, productivity-enhancing features.

Users can call contacts right from the Microsoft Outlook application and define call handling on a meeting/appointment basis.

Build teamwork

ShoreTel Communicator has a unique blend of phone and IM presence. Users can add a contact and see their phone and IM status immediately so they can decide the best way to reach them. For group interactions, users can access the optional ShoreTel Converged Conferencing console and instantly initiate a collaboration session.

Add Intelligence to Your Calls

With ShoreTel Communicator, users define how they would like to have incoming calls routed based on who is calling, when they're calling, and their active call-handling mode. Calls can be sent to voicemail, another phone number, and play specific ringtones based on caller.

Turn PCs into Telephones

With ShoreTel Communicator, any Microsoft Windows PC can be turned into a phone to be used at the home office, or on the road. The fully integrated interface eliminates the need for additional training.

Empower Your Operators or Executive Assistants

ShoreTel Communicator facilitates accurate and rapid call routing for front-line business professionals, such as operators and executive assistants. Users simply drag and drop to quickly transfer calls to the relevant parties. They can see whether or not the manager is in or out of the office or send an IM to see if the current call can be "broken through." They also can add notes to the calls to flag important callers.

ShoreTel Communicator's versitile interface can be customized to the way the operator wants to multitask. An expanded, full blown view or a space efficient, compact view are both easy options.

Turn Any Phone Call into a Web Conference

ShoreTel Communicator simplifies operations by efficiently connecting people and information. Users easily can turn a phone call into a Web-sharing session on the fly to work on a document with the caller and speed collaboration. The optional Conference Console also simplifies communications by unifying audio conferencing controls, presentation sharing, presentation recording, document file cabinet and application sharing windows.

Reduce Travel with Video

ShoreTel Communicator streamlines video calling in just one click to improve collaboration and teamwork. When combined with affordable off-the-shelf webcams, placing high-quality person-to-person video calls is as easy as a phone call.

Meeting the Needs of Mobile Employees

ShoreTel Communicator with Mobile Access keeps on-the-go users constantly connected via light-weight application on their smart phones, whether it is a BlackBerry, iPhone or Nokia.

This application improves mobile phone users' productivity with seamless remote access to voicemail, corporate directories and address books, call history, extension assignment settings, and call routing logic.

Mobile workers can instantly switch their extension to a mobile phone, depending on their activity and location.

Account executives can tailor call-handling modes to be accessible to their most valuable customers. Executives can quickly access their most important messages in any order using visual voicemail, for a rapid response in any business situation.

Travelers can quickly find any contact in the corporate directory and their address books and can change their destination phone numbers to a mobile phone, home phone, and any other telephone.

Additional Information

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