Legacy Phone Migration

As customers with existing equipment from Nortel and other unsupported older systems know, it is possible to purchase excellent systems from leading manufacturers and still be left facing a migration issue.

With our extensive knowledge of all types of systems, we stand ready to help customers maintain their current systems for as long as possible. But we also will make it possible for you to switch to a new, even better system for a reasonable price.

Many firms offer attractive traditional telecom and IP systems. In the IP area, however, we believe ShoreTel, ADTRAN and Allworx are today's top brands. ShoreTel's award-winning IP phone system is designed to be the easiest to use, easiest to manage full-featured system on the market today. ADTRAN and Allworx make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems affordable even for small businesses, while setting new standards for functionality and ease-of-use.

For those firms who want to continue to use their investment in Nortel products, we have contracted with Avaya/Nortel for continued access to Nortel Support Services, including technical support, software and replacement parts. We pledge to provide the best service and support possible and offer both Service Contracts and Time and Materials Support for the following systems:

  • Norstar systems where replacement equipment is available
  • BCM50 systems with 2.0 and higher software
  • BCM200/400 systems with 3.7 and higher software
  • BCM450 systems with 5.0 and higher software

While Norstar and BCM1000, 200 and 400 Systems are no longer being sold, Barry will continue to provide time and materials support for those systems that are manufacturer discontinued. Barry will also provide upgrades of these systems to the currently supported software levels along with either time and materials support or a support agreement. Barry continues to sell and support the current BCM50 and BCM450 Systems.